Event Management as a Branding resource

Branding encompasses a vast gamut of skills involving advertisement, be it online advertisement, print media or any other form of advertisement. Major attention grabbers being; funny ads, political ads, banner advertising, mobile advertising, retail advertising, radio advertising, media advertising, and creative advertising. In fact, career in advertising also has a vast scope considering so many advertising companies in India and everlasting need for branding.
Branding being the need for hour, many event management companies have come to foray, which are now playing a major role in brand building for the corporate. One such company which involved under these circumstances and is doing amazingly well in market is Regius Group, which is event management company based in Bangalore. Regius group is an event management company run by young Entrepreneurs who started their venture immediately after completion of their course in management. Regius Group is actively into promotions, corporate activities, Brand building, client service in terms of providing customized solution, event creation and execution.
How does event management help? Well this question can linger in readers mind, question like, why can’t company do their own promotions rather than relying on event management companies to do this job for them. Well answer to this question lies in something known as Core competence. Let’s consider a scenario which will make the point clear. Companies like TATA Motors, FIAT Motors, Maruti, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Hyundai and Honda, these are all car manufacturers with core competency lying in manufacturing of cars. To survive in market, these companies not only have to keep manufacturing cars but have to constantly keep upgrading on models, be it look wise or technically. Hence what should company more focus on, well manufacturing and manufacturing good cars. Leave the job of events to event management companies, so that they invest time and give you the desired set up and execution of the event. This helps companies in retaining their competitive edge and effective utilization of resources become possible.
Event management in present scenario has taken a shape of its own, event management these days is not only restricted to execution of event, but it also encompasses in a broader way understanding of market and enhancing the reach of their clients. Be it market analysis or market penetration, event management companies are playing an active role in shaping these characteristics for clients. Taking into account the scenario Regius Group is in, it helps find customized solutions for their clients, which many of other companies in market may be failing to do.
So, what should be the appropriate move for any event management company, well it should be, or has to be a transition from just a facilitator to a resource. Resource for utilization and efficacy. Companies relying on event management companies is only wrong when the inefficiency creeps in the system. But as long as your association is with a competitive event management company like Regius Group, the growth can be tremendous and well structured. Well, still wondering how? It’s simple, the basic motive of existence of such companies is to help client grow, and this only is made possible due to continuous innovations and brain storming. Well when food is the basic need, then where to get food should be planned, which we effectively do.
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